One More Word About Scanning and PDFs

Now that my scanning is (for the moment) drawn to a close, all of my choral, vocal, tuba, and miscellaneous music education PDF resources, total just over 1,000 documents (most of the vocal and music education resources are books).  All of them–together–total less than 4GB.  This isn’t bragging, but it is a statement about technology:  “I can bring all of my resources with me, at all times.  Can you?”

Here’s another question: “How would your life change if you could bring all of your resources with you at all times, even without dependency on the Internet?”  With iOS 5 (coming this fall) and its non-dependency on a computer and a Lilypad case, you could go off the grid.

Back to the issue of over 1,000 documents (including books) requiring less than 4GB of data, I still believe that a teacher should have an iPad with 32GB or 64GB of memory, but can you see why I think educational institutions should be fine with the 16GB model for 1-to-1 initiatives?

Three notes.:  First, as time moves on, more memory will be standard.  For example, rumor has it that the 11 inch MacBook Air will start with 128GB this year (hopefully to be announced next week).  Second, if a student were to fill up an iPad with a ton of videos, music, and games, 16GB might fall short–but we’re talking a school-owned iPad, not the personal property of a student.  I would propose, that for “standard” educational use (meaning all day, every day), a 16GB should be more than adequate, although I wouldn’t fault an institution for pursuing 32GB at $100 more.  Finally, I scan for my own use, not to illegally share on the web.

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