“Sharing” Blog Material and Invitation to Others

Readers of Technology in Music Education,

Issue #1: Sharing Blog Material

Lately, when searching some topics on the Internet, such as “iPad initiatives,” I have come across a number of blogs which reprint articles from this blog, in full.  If a summary of a post, or just a link was offered (as seen on Daring Fireball), I would be in total support of their efforts.  These blogs do offer links, but ultimately, they are representing content as their own, usually listing this blog as a “contributor.”

Although I’m flattered that other blogs would want to host articles from this blog, I have never been asked if my blogs could be reprinted in their entirety by another blog.  For example, when ViolaJack republishes her own writing from TabletPCBuzz.com on her own blog, she lets the reader know that it appears with permission.  If you are a blogger that supports this practice, I would simply request that you stop that behavior.  That said, if anyone ever needs to quote this blog for any reason (e.g. research papers)–they may do so.

Issue #2: An Invitation to Others

If you would like to write blog entries for Technology in Music Education, I would encourage you to do so.  My focus is on iPads more than anything else at the moment, and perhaps you have a different focus and you don’t want to run your own blog.  Your material would become connected permanently to techinmusiced.com, and would appear with your name and be tagged as an article by you.  I will retain the ability to edit submissions for content–but will ask permission to make major changes.  There is no salary from techinmusiced.com (if that ever changes, I will be sure to note it), and the purpose of this site is to be a resource to music educators integrating technology in their programs.


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