Another iPad in the classroom video

I was looking at some various iPad in education sites today, and found a link to this video at  The comments are interesting to read (more detail on the apps and why the kids were not using stylus pens).

I had three thoughts after watching the video:

  1. Although you can’t guarantee that every teacher would use iPads, why not get them into the hands of teachers/students who, on a 1-to-1 basis, would use them?  That’s my thought with all technology: put it into the hands of teachers (and their students) that will use them.  Don’t give it to the administrators first, and certainly don’t force everyone to use it (specifically with newer technology).  Let innovative teachers start, let others see what they do, and let the use of technology grow that way (Also, be willing to take technology away from teachers who don’t use it).
  2. Clearly, 1-to-1 is better than 15-to-29.  I was thinking, “How do we get this innovative educator another 15 iPads for his class?”
  3. He scanned the textbooks and put them away.  Brilliant.  Give the publishers the money for their product, and then move it into a form that can be utilized on the iPad.  This is what we should do for music, too (buy the legal copies, scan, distribute, and then store the originals).

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