PageFlip Bluetooth Page Turning Device

This afternoon, I saw a great post on ViolaJack’s blog about a bass player using an iPad and a PageFlip turning device.  I had not heard about the PageFlip, but it’s an all-in-one Bluetooth page turning device that can be paired with an iPad.  The device begins at $80, but also offers a more advanced version that allows external input devices.

I’ve heard of AirTurn (Starting at $125 with pedals), and again thanks to ViolaJack’s blog, I’ve head of the Footime Pedal (Wired, requiring iPad Camera Kit, at $50)

I’ll be ordering one of these soon (as with every household, one part of the month has a restricted ability to buy “toys”), but thought many readers would enjoy hearing about this product.  Here are a couple of YouTube videos about the device (one from PageFlip, one from Kelly’s Music & Computers):


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