Avid Scorch for iPad

Due to another blog, iPad and Technology in Music Education, I learned that Avid Scorch is now available for the iPad at $4.99.  Scorch is the non-composing viewer of Sibelius files, although the iPad apps does a number of other things such as transposition, playback, and so on.

I’m not a Sibelius user, and at the cost of $219, or Sibelius plus PhotoScore for $449, not to mention the Recordare conversion Dolet for $199.95, I’m probably not going to become one (I do wish I had done the $99 competitive upgrade some years ago when it was offered).  But I do give Avid/Sibelius kudos for entering the iPad market before other companies.

Using the words of Paul Shimmons from his post (referenced above):

If you own Sibelius this is a no-brainer! Go buy it NOW!


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