Odd Sheet Music

I’m in the process of scanning music for another project, and was surprised to come across a piece of music (Christmas music) that was printed in green ink.  I understand why they used green ink, and the piece looks to have been printed around 1972.  The copy I’m using is in great shape and the green ink makes the music incredibly hard to ready, and it basically makes the music illegible when scanned (Black and white). I’ve attached a .jpg of the score so you can see what I am talking about.

I haven’t seen any music printed in other colors for a long time–and I also find myself opposed to the number of publishers that waste money putting a full-color cover on every piece of music–sometimes adding four full pages of paper (in octavo format) to a score.  In my perfect world, they would skip the cover, provide the music (and program notes/composer information, if so desired, but after the music), and then lower the price of the score.

Maybe they think kids will like the music more with a “pretty” cover.  I tend to think that the music stands on its own intrinsic merit, regardless of the cover.


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