“I’ve Got No Strings.”

I use a Yamaha CVP-309 Clavinova Digital Baby Grand Piano in my classroom every day for rehearsal (1).  Not only does it stay in tune at all times, but I can route sound…iPad, iPod, or computer…through an external cable.  Just this week, my dual 1/4 in. to 1/8 in. mini-stereo plug started going out from excessive use.  Admittedly, the cable gets used all day, and sometimes throughout the evening (kids play their iDevices through it during the plays and musicals, as the choir room is also the “green room”).  As I’ve mentioned, I’ve bought some cheap Bluetooth headphones off eBay, which I like very much (see previous reviews).  As the cable is going out, my latest thought is, “Why not buy a Bluetooth music receiver to plug into the piano instead?”

Yamaha CVP-309

A quick look at Amazon yielded a number of devices in the $40-$50 range for a Bluetooth Music Receiver.  Since I’ll be purchasing this myself, that’s a little on the expensive side.   Searching on eBay didn’t reveal any better results, and one seller was selling Belkin units with a suggested price of $49.99 for $939.00.  I wish I was kidding!

A quick Internet search revealed that one of my favorite online stores, Monoprice.com, sells a Bluetooth Music Reciever, starting at less than $20.00.  I can’t recommend Monoprice enough–I’ve experienced good quality, fast shipping, and good value from their company time and time again (need a Mini Display Adapter for your MacBook?  Order from Monoprice).  They’re out of stock for a few days, but Monoprice lets you know when the expect more, and they contact you when they arrive, if you give them your e-mail address.

Monoprice Bluetooth Music Reciever

I’ll buy one of these when they become available.  The biggest risk is that a student will stream audio to the device when I want to utilize it–but that would mean that someone would have to go out of their way to “pair” with the reciever, and I plan on tucking the receiver out of sight beneath the piano, where the audio inputs are placed.  I doubt it will be an issue.  Looking at the reviews on Monoprice–as always–users are happy and there are multiple recommendations from other schools using the devices with iPods and iPhones.  I’ll post again after I receive, install, and use the device.

(1) Had the Yamaha Avant-Grand been out in 2008 when we were ordering for our new school, I would have purchased that piano for the school instead.  The CVP-309 is great…but the Avant-Grand is better.


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