Rocketfish RF-BTHP02 Bluetooth Headphones

A day after writing an article about my other Rocketfish Bluetooth headphones, my new RF-BTHP02 Bluetooth headphones arrived. I just completed my first workout with them (as I watched “Killers” with Katherine Hegel and Ashton Kutcher).

I purchased these headphones for under $20 (including shipping) from eBay. They are comparable to the Motorola S9 headphones I owned for a short time.

Overall, the sound is okay, and the fit isn’t super comfortable (the S9s were very uncomfortable–too tight–so the Rocketfish headphones are an improvement), and the button layout seems compressed and cheap–but everything works. The headphones came in their original packaging, and the unit was fully charged in less than two hours. Pairing was very easy (if you’ve paired headsets before, this will be a simple task).

These headphones are better for workouts than the other Rocketfish RF-MAB2 headphones I reviewed for one reason…there are no foam earpieces that can collect moisture. They may also be slightly lighter–but not overwhelmingly so. The negative aspect of these headphones is a reduction of comfort and audio quality. I think the Rocketfish RF-MAB2 headphones blow these RF-BTHP02 headphones away in terms of audio quality–but the purpose of these particular headphones is to provide sound without wires while working out.

You should be able to find these headphones on eBay for $20 or less (keep looking if prices bid beyond that level). Overall, I can’t complain about either set of Rocketfish headphones I’ve purchased–I’d buy them again. I may try to buy a pair of the RF-MAB2 headphones for my stepson, who is eleven, for use with his iPod Touch.


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