Pad and Quill Octavo for iPad 2 Follow-Up

On March 28th, I wrote a post about my iPad case, the Octavo by Pad and Quill, a local (Twin Cities area) company.

I wanted to follow-up on that post and talk about the Octavo and how it has worked for me.

To be honest, my original Octavo was well made, and stood up to daily use. The embedded rare earth magnet turned the iPad on and off. But the Octavo failed to hold the iPad in the case when the lid wasn’t shut. For example, I could lightly sway the case in my fingers, front to back (not even shaking), and the iPad would fall out of the case. When I’d put a 1/8″ jack into the iPad while it sat on my piano, the iPad would fall out of the case. I tried to replace the rubber corners of the case, as in the instructions, but this didn’t work, either.

I came across a YouTube video of another Pad and Quill Octavo owner, and at the end of his review, demonstrated a shake test. My Octavo wouldn’t hold the iPad like his would.

So I wrote the company. I didn’t make a big deal about this blog (this is a smaller blog with a very specific audience). I just mentioned the problem. They offered to replace the case, but I wasn’t sure that the problems weren’t based on my own user error, and I was interested in finding out if a thicker piece of rubber on each corner would solve the problem. So I wrote the company back and mentioned that I’d keep my original case and see if I could solve the issue.

To my surprise, a replacement Octavo case showed up on my doorstep a few days later–without any request on my part (or re-providing my mailing address or type of order, as Octavos can be configured in several colors and with/without pockets).

That Octavo case had no issues with holding my iPad. Upon inspection, the cases looked identical. I even made a video (which I’m not going to post) to convince myself that the shake test was legitimate. Sure enough, my iPad kept falling out of the original Octavo case with very little effort on my part.

Overall, I’m very pleased. I know there are several competitors to the Octavo. Back orders from one case (The Portenzo) and a discussion of that case on the MacRumors Forum ended up sending many viewers to my review of the Octavo (People were looking for replacement cases at the time).

I’m very pleased with the quality of the product and the company’s willingness to make things right. They have another new product coming soon (it was announced on their Facebook page). I’d recommend the Octavo without hesitation, and I’d buy another one (including Octavos for a school iPad grant I’ve written).

My only wish would be for a stylus holder of some sort and the choice of black internal colors for concert settings (Portenzo does offer this combination). I do like the added security of the Octavo, as people don’t know I’m holding an iPad, unless I open the case. The case is holding up wonderfully under daily use, and hasn’t loosened at all, even though I take my iPad out of its case daily to work on an iPad keyboard (it facilitates typing).


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