Peep Day

One of the things I like to do with my choirs is to hold non-music related seasonal contests. At Halloween, we hold a pumpkin carving contest (kids bring in pictures of pumpkins). At Easter, I encourage students to make peep dioramas (similar to what is done by the Washington Post and the St. Paul Pioneer Press).

Last year, there were only two student Peep entries, and of course, my own diorama. I don’t know what tomorrow will hold (the last day before Easter break), but I do know what my diorama is. (I don’t compete…I just make a diorama for fun).

I’ll post tomorrow’s entries later for your enjoyment. Here are last year’s entries:

1) Mary Peep-ins:

2) The Worlds of Avatar:

And my diorama, the “Peep Fest” (Think of a high school pep fest):

In regards to my diorama, some of the Peeps in the stands were holding “Peeps” signs, there is a Peep logo on the wood grain podium, and a Peep logo on the gym floor (printed wood grain on photo paper). Even the cheerleaders have pom-poms.


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