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A favorite blogger of mine, ViolaJack, has written the first of a series of articles about using TabletPCs in education to “take over certain tasks within the current educational methods and set ups, rather than trying to “revolutionize” the educational system with computers.”

ViolaJack is a strong proponent of the TabletPC as a form factor over other tablets and has consistently considered the iPad to be “a nice toy (Reference 1, Reference 2, and Reference 3).”  Obviously, we disagree about this–but I still love ViolaJack’s blog and the focus on technology in music education.  Three main things keep the iPad a toy for ViolaJack.  First, TabletPCs come in a number of sizes, including sizes large enough to properly display orchestra scores.  Second, ViolaJack prefers writing with an accurate digitizer pen rather than a capacitive screen.  And finally, there is no SmartMusic for the iPad.

Still, it’s hard to beat the weight and battery life of an iPad.

Apple has stated that more iPads sold in 2010 than all TabletPCs, ever.  The iPad is winning in the marketplace of ideas–and thus in education.  So I’m not sure a TabletPC movement is going to catch on in education (it should have already happened if it was going to happen).  So, to those interested in TabletPC initiatives, read ViolaJack’s column.  For those interested in iPad initiatives, read the column and replace “TabletPC” or “Slate” with “iPad” as you read.


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