Another Solution for Interactive White Board Functionality in 1-on-1 iPad Initiatives?

This evening, TUAW ran an article about SyncPad, an app for iPad, iPhone (iPod Touch) or computer that allows items from the host device to stream (basically mirroring) to at least 40 devices. The app includes the ability to write on the screen, like an IWB, and to interact with PDF files (consider saving existing PowerPoint, Smart Notebook, or Promethean Flip files as PDF files).

A really key point: why would you need an IWB when each student could have their own IWB in front of them (provided it was a 1-to-1 initiative)?

The IWB becomes superfluous and unnecessary.

In choir, imagine the power of “sending out” a score in PDF and having every student’s music change pages with your page turns. Nobody would be lost in your ensemble!

Check out SyncPad’s website,


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