Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

One of the challenges for a music implementation of iPod (Touch) or iPad devices is sound amplification.  Years ago, I found the Brookstone BoomBucket to be a great solution to the issue, as it is portable (literally in the shape of a bucket) and rechargeable.  Brookstone discontinued the BoomBucket, but we were able to buy five units for our school off of eBay at a rather discounted rate (originally $150 each–purchased for $75 each).

The challenge for music classes is to have a device that can amplify over the voice or instrument that is playing…and the BoomBucket filled that void quite nicely, albeit with a 6-foot mini-stereo plug cord.  They can go anywhere and are very reliable…even when dropped.  When I’m not using our speakers, our band director is using them with netbooks for SmartMusic.

Where do you find a rechargeable, quality, portable speaker these days?

David Pogue recently reviewed several Bluetooth speakers, all that are rechargeable.  These seem like a viable, if not slightly more expensive option.  Of the reviewed options, and of his suggested models, the Jawbone Jambox looks like the way to go.  It’s $200, small, syncs via Bluetooth, and runs ten hours on a charge (sounds like the iPad).  I’ve written to see if they offer any educational pricing.

If you have an iPad or iPod initiative (or any type of computing initiative) which would require external amplification and Bluetooth is a viable option, I’d encourage you to check out this product.


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