The joy of things that work (iMovie)

One of the “big” news items about the iPad 2 was the simultaneous release of iMovie and Garage Band for the iPad. One of my fellow music education technology bloggers has been using his iPad 2 and iMovie this week to make short videos related to their class projects. As a side note: when a student can have the hardware (iPad) and software (iMovie) available to make movie projects, they are excited to do so [Note: in the above example, the iPad is the teacher’s own device and is not the property of the school].

IMovie can really change the game in shooting and editing movies. One tech blogger I enjoy reading is Ben Brooks…read his thoughts here.

I love my iPhone for taking short movies. I don’t want to be the dad that records every minute of his kid’s life; but I do love taking short clips of good moments. I think the short clips are easier to work with and store–and they also show much more of the “moment” than a getting lost in a longer recording. I also love the idea of working with iMovie on the iPad rather than on the iPhone. So, how do you get the movies off your iPhone to the iPad?

You could sync the iPhone to a computer (on a Mac, via iPhoto), and then sync the iPad to iTunes, choosing to import the movie(s). Or, you can buy the iPad connection kit, plug the iPhone into the iPad via your 30-pin cable, and then into the camera connection kit. The transfer of files is easy, quick, and just works. It is a good–dare I say–enjoyable process.

Have an iPhone or 4th Generation iPod Touch? Use the iPad Camera Connection kit to move those movies to the iPad!


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