I’ve Found a Case for my iPad 2 (PadandQuill Octavo)

Read through the entire text on the picture: I love the musical terms applied in the ad.

My wife is a big fan of Etsy.com, where independent sellers and small businesses can sell their products to people looking to buy products from independent sellers and small businesses.

I think Apple’s Smart Covers are a great idea, but they lack one element for me: they fail to protect the back or the bottom of the device from damage.  Apple’s previous case also failed to adequately protect the device (thus there was VERY slight cosmetic damage to my iPad 1 on the bottom of the device).

At the moment, there is a lack of available options for iPad 2 covers, so I thought I would look on Esty, too.  I did find a lot of iPad covers, as well as iPad 2 covers…but one really jumped out at me…the Octavo from Pad&Quill.com.  The case will begin shipping on March 25th, and costs $59.99, an interior pocket is $10, and shipping depends on where you live.  The case also promises to use the magnetic on/off feature of the SmartCover–something that all iPad 2 Cases should do.  One review of prior Pad&Quill cases warned that the cases, using wood, will not protect an electronic device from all kinds of damage, but for my use, it is certainly going to add more protection than the original iPad case or the Smart Cover.  I also need to add that the company is located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, which is, of course, home for me.

I love the name of the case, too, as the iPad is very close to the actual size of Octavo music.  This is why, by the way, the iPad works so well for most scanned choral music in PDF format.

Looking at other Pad&Quill products, reviews seem to be good, and suddenly, a $60 case doesn’t seem that expensive, when the Apple’s own leather Smart Cover is $69.  My order will be for the black case with the red interior.  As I teach at a school whose colors are black and gold, I would have loved a gold interior option…but for now, the red will do.

I will post pictures and an actual review when I receive the case.


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