Lucky Duck

I lucked out this morning.  We’re on Spring Break, and my two-year-old son attends a preschool on Wednesdays (he LOVES preschool, and is very excited each week to go to school and play with friends).  The preschool is in a church that is a bit of a drive from our house, but we think the experience is worth it for our child, so we make it happen.  As I’m off school, I took my son to his “school,” and then went shopping for fun.

You might be aware that iPad 2s are hard to find right now, and online ordering has people waiting over a month for an iPad at this point, and people internationally (that are interested) are fearful that the iPad 2 launch dates might be pushed back.  Apparently, people are still standing in line at Apple stores as they open, hoping to get an iPad 2.

I stopped by Best Buy, Sam’s Club, and Target this morning, just wanting to look around, not expecting to see any sign on an iPad 2.  I was actually looking for the new HDMI cable that is available for the iPad, and had no luck finding that.  Best Buy has both a Black and White iPad on display.  If there are over 1,000 Best Buy stores, that means that over 2,000 iPads (at an estimated cost of $900,000) are tied up at Best Buy alone!  Revolt!  (Just kidding)!

I stopped by a new Super Target to see what was around, and was shocked to see a lone 64GB wi-fi only Black iPad 2 in the case.  I bought it.  I ended up knowing the employee in the electronics department (not a former student), and he told me why it was there.  It turns out that because this was a new Super Target (less than three weeks old), they missed their shipment of iPad 2s last week.  That shipment came in yesterday, and after all the people on a waiting list were called and sold an iPad, this one was left.

I jokingly tweeted that this might be the last iPad 2 available for purchase in the United States.  No, I won’t go on Craigslist and sell it, and it will be used in my daily life and in my teaching (I will be mirroring frequently now that the option exists).


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