iPad (iOS) Apps for Elementary Music Education

I am not an elementary music educator, and have taught secondary music for my entire career.  I believe that education (as a whole) is going to experience an iPad revolution, placing iPads in all schools, many on a 1-to-1 basis.  Knowing that iPads are used by people from age 2 to 99 (sounds a bit like “Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire/the Christmas Song”), as long as an iPad (in the lower levels) is put into a sturdy case, there is no reason an elementary student could not use an iPad in their classes.

Many of the apps I suggest in this blog are best suited for students that are in secondary education or beyond.  What about the good apps for elementary music educators?  I asked the readers of techinmusic ed for their recommendations.  Before I offer the lists, I would like to say that there seem to be limited blogs or resources for technology in elementary music education.  There is a place for an elementary music educator that would be interested in creating an “iPad” focused blog specifically for elementary music education.  That said, two music education blogs I’ve found are:

If you can recommend other good technology-related elementary music education blogs, please let me know (send me an e-mail) and I will include them on this list.

The apps:

+ indicates a universal binary [works on all iOS devices]
* indicates iPad only
– indicates iPod Touch/iPhone formatted (does not run full screen on iPad)

From Kevin Lane:

Music Drawing Full – $2.99

From Mary Kendall:

Rainbow Notes +
Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer +

From Brenda Muench:

Rhythm in Reach
Note Squish
Harp +
Tap Studio (Custom Rock Band App)

Mentioned by David Pogue, New York Times Technology Columnist (and musician):

Easy Beats

From Carol Broos’ Website:

Drum Kit Pro
Rain Stick
Pocket Guitar
Bass Guitar
Kalimba Free
Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD +
Pocket Shaker
Piano Sharp
Tone Pad

From iPad Creative:

Juno’s Piano HD *
Mixeroo +
Baby Chords +
Singing Fingers
iOrgel – (also HD version available for iPad *)
Magic Piano *

Other Apps I’ve Come Across:

iGog –
Percussions +
Bebot +
Magic Stave Free
Autoharp *
SoundHound +
Composer of the Day
Magic Fiddle *

And of course, the newest “big” iPad app for music (as of 3/12/2011):

Garage Band *

I invite any music teacher (especially elementary music educators) to e-mail additional suggested apps to the list.  Additionally, if you feel there is an app listed that should not be listed, please e-mail me and let me know why.  Developers the intent for this list is for it to be a “recommended by teachers” list.


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