iPad 2 First Impressions with UnrealBook and ForScore

I was one of “those” people standing in line at our local Target store last night for the iPad 2.  Only one version was available, the White 64GB wi-fi only model.  Before arrival, I was considering the purchase of both a Black and White model, one for me, and one for my wife.  When only the White iPad was available, it was clear that my wife was getting her long-due iPad before I get a chance to upgrade.  It’s only fair, as I upgrade all the time to the next iPhone (or even have the iPad).

I have no complaints about the iPad purchase or distribution model, like some of the tech blogs this morning.  Those people want things both ways–huge interest and lines for iPads, but immediate availability of all models at whatever quantity anyone would wish for.  I think back to the Wii, which had limited availability for more than a year after its release.  You will soon be able to buy any iPad model at any location without any line–you just won’t get it on Day 1.

All that you’ve heard about the iPad 2 is true.  It’s lighter, thinner, faster, and has two cameras.

I thought I’d put the iPad 2 against the iPad 1 on my favorite apps, UnrealBook and ForScore.

With UnrealBook, there is a noticeable speed difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad 1.  However, because the application isn’t graphically intensive beyond the display of PDF files, the performance gain is minimal.  In other words, pages turned fast before, and just a bit faster now.

In contrast, the iPad 2 makes ForScore a far better experience.  ForScore has always “cached” pages before turning, and if you would turn a page in real time, the page turn would always be fast.  However, if you turned a number of pages at once, the process was relatively slow.  With the iPad 2, ForScore turns pages (even without the cached info) very quickly.  Even using the page scroll bar (fast-forwarding in a score) was a much improved (read: instantaneous) experience, whereas on the iPad 1, you would have to wait for a page to be refreshed after you had scrolled forward in the document.

Ultimately, if you use ForScore, the iPad 2 upgrade will be important for you–huge performance gains await.  If you use UnrealBook, the iPad 1 will continue to suffice.


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