Continued Request for Elementary Music Ed App Suggestions…

Thank you to everyone who has submitted app suggestions for Elementary Music Education.  I am continuing to solicit suggestions from Elementary Education iOS users for an upcoming blog post on Elementary Music Education apps.  Granted, with over 65,000 iPad apps alone, such a list could never be comprehensive.  But I would like to bring a list of the apps you think are best as a resource to other Elementary Music Educators.

I am (unapologetically)  a high school teacher, and apps that appeal the most to me are the apps I can use myself or apps that I could put into the classroom at the high school level–and it goes to reason that there are a number of apps that I would never consider because they are geared better for other levels.  That’s why I’m calling on your expertise for this upcoming post.

If all recommended apps could be submitted by March 11th (iPad 2 Day), I would greatly appreciate it.  Please feel free to forward this request to other users who would also have great app suggestions (iPod Touch/iPhone or iPad apps…all iOS apps).


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