The Calm in the Storm

There is a tangible calm in the tech world at the moment, roughly 18 hours before the introduction of the iPad 2. Some of this, I’m sure, is connected to non-disclosure agreements with Apple. But the majority of the calm is out of respect for–and the knowledge that everyone underestimated–the impact of the iPad.

We already know a lot about the iPad from the cases that have leaked, and we’ll know other details soon enough. It would be foolish to ask about the iPad 3 (About a month ago, John Gruber mentioned the possibility of a iPad refresh as soon as September with iPod Touches–but he was clearly thinking out loud. Other blogs took his comments as gospel truth). Why would you buy an iPad 2 in April to buy one again in September? And that certainly doesn’t match Apple’s established yearly update of devices.

The big questions for tomorrow:

1) When will the iPad 2 be available?
2) How much will it cost?
3) Forget the competition–how does it improve upon the iPad I already have and love?
4) How do I get one of these? (A different question than when it will go on sale)

Meanwhile…the tech blogs remain calm, likely resting up for a busy day tomorrow.


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