Yet Another School Adopts a 1-to-1 Initiative

Here’s a link to a story about Xaverian High School, which is adopting a 1-to-1 iPad initiative for its freshmen (and rolling forward with each successive class) in the fall.

There are several challenges with a partial roll-out.  The iPads will be easily used in grade-level classes (e.g. history/social studies, English), but in classes where there are multiple levels of grades, such as foreign language, music, physical education, and art, integration of the iPads will be problematic.  There’s also the matter of older students feeling “disenfranchised” while freshmen have the devices.  It makes sense to start with your youngest students, as you will get the most life out of a device–but care is needed in that approach.

The interesting part is that there is still a need for more quality, education-based apps on the iPad.  For example, it looks like the students using iPads in the video above are using Penultimate, which is a great drawing app.  However, it is very hard to draw straight lines on a grid for math class.  So clearly, there’s a need for a drawing app that allows for the creation of straight lines, rays, circles, and so on.

Ultimately, there’s still a gold mine available for developers who get into the schools and ask what apps are needed.  Yes, schools will buy those apps at a discounted volume license price–but a million copies sold of an app still is a million copies sold of an app.


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