PaperHelper Update

A few days ago, I wrote about PaperHelper, a $.99 app that combines a basic text editor with a web browser in split-screen mode for the iPad.  At the time, I mentioned that the app could use a “new document” button, as well as a confirmation box when you attempted to save a document over an existing document.  Yesterday, an update to PaperHelper included these features, along with some social networking features.

I had also e-mailed the developers and requested these features.  I’m not saying that Rumble Apps, the developers of PaperHelper, are listening to everything I write/request, as I’m sure that others have made these requests, too.  I want to applaud Rumble Apps for listening to feedback and quickly implementing changes.

Once again, one of the negative aspects of working with an iPad and writing papers has been the lack of ability to keep two screens “up” at all times.  PaperHelper offers a simple but powerful solution to the problem, and is a must-have educational app.


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