MooCow Music’s Pianist Pro – Update

It’s been a while since I wrote about MooCow’s Pianist Pro for the iPad (September 13th, 2010, to be exact).  At the time, Core MIDI drivers were not a part of the iPad’s version of iOS (3.2, if memory serves).  As of iOS 4.2, Core MIDI drivers were included in the iPad.

What was awesome about Pianist Pro in September is that it could be used with a program called PD-Extended, an OSC driver that allowed the iPad to “talk” to a computer, and thus be used as an external keyboard with desktop/notebook apps like Finale.

It’s been a while since I experimented with this–I purchased the “full” version of SmartScore (the lite version of SmartScore ships with Finale), and I’ve found scanning with the full version of SmartScore to be exponentially better than the lite version.  This means I don’t have a lot of editing to do–notewise–when I’m converting a score via scanning any more.

Earlier tonight, I received an e-mail from a reader, asking if Nota could transpose (play up a minor 3rd for a saxophone player).  Nota can’t do that, and I found one app that says it will do so–Real Piano HD Pro.  I also wanted to see if Pianist Pro can transpose–and yes, it can (Go to the notebook icon [it has a picture of a notebook and a pencil], and you will see the transpose function.

While I was checking out the app, I wanted to see if anything has changed with Pianist Pro and wireless MIDI–and it certainly has.  You can now connect via network–without PD-Extended–to a Mac (I would imagine this is possible with a Windows PC, but I have no way of testing it).  The process is ultimately much simpler than before, as you remove the need for a second (or third) software program to get MIDI data from the iPad to the Computer.

I won’t explain the process any more at this time, but I’ll refer you to the website, which has a rather detailed instruction manual.

Again, if you own an iPad starting at $499, why would you buy an addition keyboard for a computer, when an app will do the same thing for $10 ($9.99)?  Yes, there are a lot of keyboard apps out there for the iPad, but how many can be used as a MIDI input device?

I am having some issues sending MIDI via the network from Finale to the iPad, but it isn’t a deal breaker.

I love having options, don’t you?


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