Spring Apple products on the way!

The rumor mill is spinning like crazy on the technology blogs. We’re six days away from March, and no iPad 2 has been announced, although plenty of iPad cases have been seen in the wild; and MacBook supplies are dwindling as the blogs expect a major refresh on the MacBook design.

The problem is that nobody knows the time frame (the latest rumors are a MacBook release two days from now, and an iPad announcement on March 2nd, basically a week from now. After the Gizmodo situation with the iPhone 4, I think Apple doubled its efforts to contain corporate security. As a result, we won’t know specifics about the iPad 2 or new MacBooks until Apple wants us to know about them.

There is no surprise in the timing, however. Apple has let every other tablet manufacturer introduce their “iPad killers.”. That includes Motorola, Archos, and Samsung [Google Android], HP [Web OS], and RIM [BlackBerry Playbook]. Some of these products are innovative, worthy products, and some of their features surpass the iPad. Then the iPad 2 will come out and raise the overall bar. Apple will not match competitors feature for feature (e.g. the Motorola Xoom), but they will put together such a complete package that people will be willing to ignore elements that are standard on other tablets. Oh–and let’s not forget that Apple is squarely defeating its competitors in the category of price.

At any rate, it is a great time to have interest in Apple products, either as a buyer/user or as a competitor. If new MacBooks arrive on Thursday, I’ll want one. When the iPad 2 comes out, I will buy one (my wife has laid claim to the iPad I currently own).

I only hope Daring Fireball’s John Gruber isn’t right in saying that the iPad 3 will be released in the fall, or 2011 will be an expensive year for me in terms of technology.


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