ViolaJack on MusicReader…

On the weekend of MusicReader’s 4.0 release, I was reading through some of the latest posts on ViolaJack’s blog and came across this statement:

I’ve tried Music Reader and the annotation tools are just not near on par with Windows Journal, and Journal is free.  For me to pay for a program to manage my sheet music, it would have to offer compelling upgrades to what Windows Journal can offer, and I’ve yet to see anything that even comes close to competing, let alone being better.

Although ViolaJack and I disagree on the usefulness of the iPad, I always appreciate her posts and focus on Windows tablets (although she does give Android Tablets and iPads a nod now and then).  When considering MusicReader, I find it interesting that we both come to the same conclusion, which is “Why buy a program when there is a free or less expensive program that does things just as well or better?”  Again, if you already own a copy the desktop version of MusicReader, by all means, feel free to use it.  But if you’re starting out, it’s a hard purchase to justify.  If musical notes in MusicReader free-flowed (adjusting in size to the preference of the user), there would be no question about the overall value of the program, but that isn’t the case.

That said, if you “gotta have it,” right now is the time to buy MusicReader at a 40% discount and free upgrade to Version 4.0.


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