More Competition for the iPad (Continued)…

Some big news is happening on the tablet front today (Sunday) from the Mobile World Congress occurring in Barcelona, Spain.

First, Engadget has run the first review of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the upcoming “big” brother of the 7″ Galaxy Tab.  You’ll want to read the review and watch the video.

Some reactions:

  • A 10.1″ tablet?  Nearly every non-Apple blog laughed at Steve Jobs when he said that the 7″ tablet was a non-starter.  Who is laughing now?
  • The 10.1″ tablet in widescreen format isn’t ideal for the “paper” minded world.  Again, widescreen is a better format for movies…but it leaves a lot of be desired for music (sheet music reading) and education.  Aren’t people buying these for work and education?  This isn’t an entertainment-first item, unlike the iPod Touch.
  • When will this be released?  It will come out in March in Asia and Europe, no word about a release in the United States.  When it comes down to hardware, Apple gives a solid release date (except for the iPhone 4).
  • What will the price be for this tablet?  The Galaxy Tab, a 7″ tablet, sells for $599 without contract.  A base model iPad sells for $499.  Can Samsung adjust its prices to make the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 16GB or 32GB of memory to be competitive with iPad pricing, if they can’t do it with a 7″ tablet?
  • The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is .3 pounds lighter than an iPad.  Expect iPad 2 to shed weight, too.
  • Now that the major players have introduced their “iPad Killers,” expect a confirmation of a press date sometime in March…which may also include the introduction of new MacBooks as well as the iPad 2.
  • No USB on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, either.

One other development…it appears that the Motorola Xoom will go on sale this week…for $1200.00.  I guess they aren’t planning on selling any.  Why would any rational person buy a $1200 tablet when they could buy an iPad with many of the same features (and a fully developed app base) for $750?  Sure, the Xoom has USB and HDMI.  But when you can project wirelessly from your iPad to an Apple TV ($100), why would you want to output with cables to HDMI?

**Note: As of 2/16 [this post was created on 2/13], many tech blogs are reporting that the Xoom will retail for $799, still $100 more than a 32GB iPad, and we still do not know what the iPad 2 will have in terms of hardware or pricing]

Oh…one other item…a lot of blogs are predicting that the iPad 1 will continue in some form like the basic iPod Touch, or iPhone 3G, and that the iPad 2 will not only be lighter, have dual cameras, and have a dual core A5 processor, but it will also be less expensive.  If Apple can do that, they’ll continue to steer the tablet market, which will only continue to grow.


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