18 iPad Apps Used in a High School Band Program

This evening, I had the opportunity to visit with a band director from another high school.  We’ve exchanged ideas about the use of iPads before.  This past fall, the band director successfully wrote a grant to get six iPads for his band program.  These are the music apps installed on each of the student iPads (each is linked to an iTunes Preview for each app):

  1. Pro Keys
  2. Music Theory Calculator (Theory Calc)
  3. ChordLab HD
  4. Pitch Primer
  5. DrBetotteTC
  6. iStroboSoft
  7. Fingering
  8. Fingering (Strings)
  9. Fingering (Woodwinds)
  10. MaestroXL
  11. ForScore
  12. SPL Meter
  13. Spectogram
  14. iReal Book
  15. Sheets
  16. ScaleMaster
  17. SolFi Pro
  18. SoundNote

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