Verizon iPhone & New Apple Products

Verizon began selling the iPhone to its existing customers on February 3rd. Some began arriving as early as February 5th. The iPhone will officially go on sale to everyone on February 10th.

As an existing AT&T iPhone owner, it’s pretty easy to think, “What’s the big deal?” After all, the Verizon iPhone 4 is still an iPhone 4, and a new iPhone will probably be released in 4 months. Granted, we don’t feel much customer loyalty to AT&T, but we haven’t been disappointed customers, either. Service is pretty reliable here in Minnesota.

Then I need to force myself to sit back and think about my own wait for the iPhone 3G. We were under contract with Verizon at the time (It’s still hard to fathom that the contract time was the same for a crippled [by Verizon, intentionally] Motorola RAZR as it is for an iPhone. I had to wait one and a half years from the release of the iPhone in 2007 before we could get our iPhones in October of 2008. We could have cancelled early, but we would have had to pay $175 for each phone (there were two on our account, and my wife wanted an iPhone, too).

So when October 2008 rolled around, it was really a special day for us. The iPhone 3G had been out for months and was no longer the “item” it had been in the news. And in the time since, I’ve upgraded annually while my wife finally upgraded to an iPhone 4 in November as it became clear that the white iPhone 4 wasn’t coming.

All that is to say that upon reflection, I “get” why Verizon customers are so excited about the iPhone 4. I also realize that AT&T service isn’t good in some areas. So I want to make sure that I let all these new iPhone owners enjoy their moment and not “steal their joy.”

Meanwhile…I’m patiently waiting to hear about new MacBooks and the iPad 2! Apple introduced the iPad in January 2010–and the entire tech industry is waiting to hear about the iPad 2. My personal guess is that Apple is waiting for all their competitors to introduce their products (Google Android, HP Web OS, RIM Blackberry Playbook). At that point, Apple will release the iPad 2 and raise the bar again. In that big press release from Apple, I’d also like to hear that a backlit keyboard will be put in the MacBook Air.


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