Ion Audio Concert Piano

This came to my attention today via–a full size digital Piano with an embedded iPad dock.  It’s clear the music industry has paid very close attention to the iPad.

You can see the full product information webpage here.  Pricing is unknown, and it’s probably still a little early to buy such a large item with a dedicated iPad interface, particularly knowing that Apple may have to abandon the 30-pin dock connector to meet European Union charging specifications.

If a school were to go all-iPad, an instrument like this might be worth considering over a Clavinova or similar instrument…however, the piano would need to be accessible from other apps as well, not just Ion’s own iPad app(s).

Isn’t it interesting how quickly the music industry has adopted the iPad, whereas our “big” music software companies have failed to provide any apps for iOS devices?

I’m all for digital pianos in situations where tuning is going to be an issue, such as in the standard home, practice rooms, and even practice facilities.  I do think a “real” piano is best for performance, if you can maintain it.  In our school, we have one “real” piano, a top-of-the-line Yamaha CFIIIS 9′ Concert Grand.  By going digital everywhere else, we’re able to invest limited funds for tuning and maintenance into the one fine instrument that we own.  And it doesn’t hurt to have most of the pianos in your institution in tune–something that is going to hold true (no pun intended) if you have digital pianos.


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