Genius product? Crazy genius? Or just crazy?

This afternoon, my family took at trip to the Mall of America, mainly to get a diagnosis for one of the iPods at our school (It’s a 2nd Generation iPod Touch which no longer recognizes an external microphone). While at the MoA, we stop at a number of stores, including Old Navy.

One of the new clothing items this year was “Techno Hoodies,” hoodies with earphones built in the sweatshirt strings. I’ve seen kids wearing them at school, and it seems to be an interesting idea. They were originally $29.50, were marked down to $12.99, and then were 40% off that, making them $7.79 each. You can’t find a cheap pair of headphones for $7.79. So we bought a couple. The headphones aren’t great, and the whole thing is supposed to be washable (We’ll see). The only caveat is that the 1/4″ plug is rather short, so you really can’t use it to play games or watch video…but for music, it seems like a great idea.

If you have an Old Navy near you, it might be worth a trip (here in Minnesota, you can wear a sweatshirt most of the year).

It also seems like replacement hoodie earphone strings for regular sweatshirts might also be a profitable idea.


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