Find My iPhone

If you’re not aware, Apple is now offering a free part of the MobileMe service called “Find My iPhone.” If you have iOS 4.2 installed on your devices, you can activate them for this service.

We just recovered my son’s iPod Touch thanks to Find My iPhone. We had a large part of our family at our house on New Year’s Eve, and one of the kids made the poor decision to take the iPod Touch. I “pinged” the device yesterday, to no avail (The device needs to be connected to wi-fi for “Find My iPhone” to work). This family was staying at my in-law’s house and I had not connected that device to their wi-fi network–so it wouldn’t show up.

Meanwhile, we literally tore apart our house looking for the iPod Touch to no avail. So we had a hunch that it was stolen, but we couldn’t prove it. We tried to calmly inquire about the device from the kids we thought might have taken it–and that was a dead end.

When that family left today, they drove about 2.5 hours and stopped for lunch. Immediately, I received an e-mail that the message had been delivered to the iPod Touch. The kid that took it connected the device to the Internet at a restaurant. We were then able to call the family, the iPod Touch was produced, and it will be sent back to us.

Two morals to the story:

1) Kids make bad decisions sometimes and then lie about those decisions.

2) Take advantage of “Find My iPhone.”


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