Verizon iPhone & Skype Video Calling

If you’re reading the tech blogs over the past days, it seems clear that a Verizon iPhone is imminent. The general consensus is that many AT&T iPhone users will defect to Verizon, and that many Verizon smart phone owners (including Android phones) will switch to the iPhone. Perhaps they’re right, but here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Early Termination Fees. You can leave AT&T (or any other carrier), but it will cost you ($325).

2. I’m not convinced that Verizon’s service is that much better than AT&T. I had Verizon phones before my iPhone(s), and here in Minnesota, my experience was that Verizon had worse coverage (less places and less reliable) than AT&T.  I got tired of all those people that followed me around all the time.  And I also remember how Verizon purposely crippled my Motorola RAZR so it would not be able to communicate with my computer (forcing you to use their ring tone and picture services).

3. However, if you live in an area where Verizon is significantly better than AT&T (Which is supposedly the case in New York City and San Francisco), then the switch from AT&T to Verizon makes sense.

4. Do people think Android phone owners are really so unhappy with their phones that they are waiting anxiously to replace those devices with an iPhone, but they hated AT&T
so much that they chose to buy an “inferior” phone in the meantime? There might be a few cases like that, but not a large number. And I’d guess that most people that own Android phones are relatively happy with their purchase.

In other news, Skype released video calling for the iPhone today. Bloggers are already writing that FaceTime is dead. That’s silly, too, because FaceTime can be an open standard, even on Windows-based PCs, whereas Skype is Skype, a stand-alone program.  True, FaceTime eventually needs to move to 3G or 4G. But to call FaceTime dead six hours after the release of Sykpe Video Calling for the iPhone is premature.


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