Predictions for 2011

As 2010 draws to a close, and so does the holiday break for educators, I thought I would list my predictions for 2011 in terms of technology and technology in music education.

Probable Events:

1. The iPad 2 will be released and will continue its dominance in the tablet and netbook categories, even though many competitors will also step up to the table. The original iPad may stick around as a discounted piece of hardware–an additional entry point to Apple Hardware.  Expect cameras and a bigger speaker on the next iPad.

2. AirPlay will be opened to 3rd party apps, and AirPlay receivers will be created for use with lower resolution display options (such as older TVs and LCD projectors). This will, in turn, revolutionize how iPads are used in education.

3. We will see more implementation of iPads in existing educational technology. Look for Interactive White Boards that interact with an iPad.

4. Expect many more 1-to-1 iPad initiatives in schools across the country.

5. Next generation iPhones will be introduced in June, and iPod Touches in September.  Look for slight changes in body design, and faster processors.  Expect more significant changes in iOS, such as features currently offered by jailbreaking but not offered through iOS.

6. The next generation MacBooks will take on characteristics of the MacBook Air.  They will be thinner with sharper edges and longer battery life.

7.  A new version of the MacBook Air will be released with a back-lit keyboard (as it should have been released in 2010).

8. Unless a Color Kindle is released, expect the Nook Color to outsell the Kindle.  If you’ve used either of the devices, the Nook Color is the far more powerful device with far more potential.  If I had a choice to buy a Kindle or spend $110 for a Nook Color (both are wi-fi only)…I would chose the Nook Color, each and every time.

9. App developers will continue to create stunning applications of iOS that will continue to amaze us and provide answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask.

10. More printers will become AirPrint compatible.  The HP monopoly on iPad printing will soon end (I found the PhotoSmart Plus on sale at Wal-Mart for $74 yesterday).

11. The new iPod Nanos will become video capable–either by design or via jailbreak.

12. I’ll hopefully be able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S Music Player, which will be introduced at CES next week.  As an iPhone owner, I have no use for an Android phone, and thus, I’m unable to write about Android apps for music education.  But I would enjoy having access to an Android device like an iPod Touch, which would run Android Apps, out of curiosity and desire to help music educators with Android devices, too.

A Wish List of Predictions:

1. SmartMusic for the iPad will be released.

2. Finale NotePad for the iPad will be released.

3. Apple will release a 13″ iPad model, ideal for music education.

4. Publishers will sell PDFs of music with a mass copy license.

5. iTunes will enable cloud streaming, perhaps with a subscription model.

6. Someone will devise an app where an entire class can interact together using iPads (like Agendas, but even more interactive).

7. iWork apps for the iPad will be further improved with additional functionality.


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