AirPlay is Amazing!

One of my Christmas gifts was an Apple TV (Actually, it was purchased on Black Friday for $79.00 using my birthday money, but it was delayed until Christmas).

After all the presents were unwrapped and our children enjoying their toys such as Thomas engines and a new telescope, I set up the Apple TV. The bad news: our old Phillips Plasma HDTV has too low of resolution to work with the Apple TV (The images were pink). Hooking up the Apple TV to a newer TV, it worked flawlessly. So someday we’ll need to buy a larger, higher resolution HDTV.

AirPlay is incredible…from iPad or iPhone. No wires, no worries.

The big question: can Apple open up AirPlay to all iPad applications? Can Apple make a lower resolution component video AirPlay receiver that will work with LCD Projectors? If they can…iPads will exponentially grow in education. What would you project wirelessly on a screen? Notes? Sheet music? Sight-reading? Daily plans? Attendance? Videos and YouTube? Textbooks? The possibilities are endless, and I trust Apple is aware of the potential.

*Note: additional testing has proved that AirPlay works with iPod Touch models and MacBooks through iTunes as well. When this feature is opened to 3rd party app developers, the possibilities will be endless.


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