Moo Cow Pianist Pro for iPad…absolutely amazing!

Composing on Finale through MIDI/OSC with Pianist Pro

This evening, I read on the Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) that the latest version of Moo Cow Pianist Pro for iPad now allows MIDI connection through Wi-Fi through an OSC server.  In other words, it sounded like I could purchase Pianist Pro (I’ve owned the iPhone version for over two years), and have a MIDI keyboard to enter notes into Finale through Wi-Fi.  So I took the $9.99 plunge and gave it a try.

It worked.  And honestly, I used to have an Oxygen 8 MIDI controller, and Pianist Pro on the iPad works better than the Oxygen 8 ever did.

I’m not a MIDI guru; there is lots and lots about MIDI I don’t understand and never will.  But I managed to get the connection running, and it runs well.

Here are some general things you’ll need to do (for a Mac):

1) Open up “AUDIO MIDI SETUP” and turn the IAC Driver On (WINDOW: MIDI Studio)
2) Download and install PD-Extended, a free OSC driver for Mac (and Windows).  This can be downloaded at
3) Purchase and install Pianist Pro, go to help (?) and to MIDI Control, go to OSC, create the Pure Data script file, connect your iPad to your computer, and copy over the setting files to your computer.  Open PD-Extended through this Pure Data script file.  Turn on MIDI output by going to Pd-Extended->Preferences->MIDI Settings.
4) Change the wi-fi address in Pianist Pro to your computer’s IP address so they can speak wirelessly.  Also make sure MIDI is ON.  These are in the app’s MIDI settings.
5) Change the MIDI settings in Finale to allow input from the OSC driver.

That all might be a tad confusing, and I’m not sure what the process will entail when starting again…but I’m quite pleased that my iPad can replace my old Oxygen-8 MIDI controller.  If I wanted to play MIDI through the iPad, I’d need another adapter.  But for now…just the ability to enter notes from Pianist Pro to Finale is a huge bonus…for only $10.

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