A List of Recommended Apps (9/1/2010)

I was asked what apps I would recommend for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and it has been a while since I’ve provided a list of apps.  At one point, I was running a list of apps on a sidebar on the blog, but as apps were rapidly changing, I couldn’t keep up with specific reviews (or competitors).  And as of late, most of my interest has been with iPad specific apps, mainly music readers.

So here is a list of recommended apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch, both for music education and some other categories, as of September 1, 2010.  There are often multiple competitors for these apps, so it is worth doing some searching on the App Store as well as doing some other general web searches on the programs.

Music Ed Apps:

Cleartune (Tuner)
Guitar Toolkit
Pitch Pro
Composer of the Day
Oxford Dictionary of Music (**they recently changed their name and no longer update the previous app; if you want further updates, you have to “re-purchase” the app.   This is frustrating and a rip-off).
PocketScore (bare-bones music notation software)
Symphony (bare-bones music notation software)
Pianist (Moo Cow, lots of free options for pianos out there, this paid version is still my favorite)
Stave free (shows pitches on a staff)
SPL (decibel meter)
SoundHound (Identifies songs)
TuneWiki (look up lyrics)
iPro Recorder
Tempo or Tempo 2 (Metronomes)
musebook m10 or m30 (metronomes)
Metronome Pro
AmpKit (needs Peavey attachment)

General Apps:

Netflix (if you have Netflix, this is a must)
Cyclemeter (awesome GPS exercise tracking app)
TweetDeck (great for consuming Twitter)
HootSuite (schedule Tweets for the future)
Twittelator Pro (great for doing advanced things with Twitter)
Camera+ (not available at the moment)
Camera Genius
AtBat 2010
USA Today
Tap Forms
CraigsPro (free)
BibleReader (OliveTree)
The Weather Channel (Max)
NewsRack (RSS reader)
TextNow (has replaced our regular texting 99% of the time, allows us to keep only the 200 message plan)

Games (I’m not a “shooter” or “zombie” game type person):

Pocket God
Doodle Jump
Angry Birds
Toki Tori
300 Bowl
Monster Dash
Fruit Ninja
Air Hockey
Train Conductor (1 or 2)
Madden 2011
NFL 2011
NFS Shift

Apps for a Two-Year Old:

Yes, we bought an iPod Touch for my two-year old, who has been unlocking and using our iPhones since he was 13 months old (I wish I was kidding).  His $179 iPod Touch is insurance versus us having to replace an iPhone ($699 to replace).  And it brings peace to us when we travel.  Plus, we hook it up to the TV with the composite cable and he watches some of his videos through there, such as Dinosaur Train and Handy Manny and the Motorcycle Adventure.  We don’t let him use headphones, but he knows how to adjust the volume in apps and even how to open Videos and play his own videos.  It’s crazy.

Videos (#1 use)
Baby Phone
Bloons (he likes the music)
Bouncedown (he likes it when the guys get squished and die)
Bee Book (he used to watch this OVER and OVER)
Dora the Explorer and the Crystal Adventure
eliasZOO (loves the animal sounds)
Elmo’s Monster Maker (LOVES this)
Chatterphone (a iPod remake of the old Fisher-Price toy)
Little People
See ‘n Say
I Here Ewe
MotoChaser (He loves motorcycles)
Oregon Trail (He loves the music)
Talking Carl (hilarous app, will work far better on the new Touch with the external microphone)
Wheels on the Bus

Apps for the 10-Year Old Boy in our house:

Our ten-year old has a iPod Touch, too (16GB).  As much as we’d like him to use it for homework (e.g. Dictionary, calculator), he’s all about games, games, games.

Potty Racers
Madden NFL 2010
Jelly Car (1 or 2)
Train Conductor (1 or 2)

I will add more apps for the ten-year old after I get a chance to ask him what his other favorite apps were.

Old Favorites I Don’t Use Much Anymore:

ToyBot 1, 2, or 3 (or the complete saga)
Rock Band
Guitar Hero
Prince of Persia
Wild West Pinball
Quick Office
Tiger Woods PGA Tour
The iBall
Flight Control
Crazy Penguins
Monkey Ball
Cash Cab
Are You Smarter than a 5th Frader
Will It Blend (hasn’t been updated)
Paper Toss
Crash Kart
Cro-Mag Rally
Arcade Hoops
Lightsaber Unleashed
Star Wars Battle for Hoth
Crazy Pumpkin


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